Friday, June 1, 2012

Whimsical folk art houses/ session 1

I hung cardboard cutouts of whimsical houses for decorations. My daughter and a friend help me paint them, I love them!!
 The first session of camp was a blast and the girls really created some wonderful art.
the sign I created to advertise my camps...
The snack I came up with! The houses were made out of hershey bars for the base, fruit stripe gum for the roof, decorator gel for the door, pixie sticks for the base of flower and more decorator gel for the lollipop flower. They were delicious!
prepping the backgrounds on 20 x 20 canvases

starting to outline the houses

making new friends

so different and so creative

my daughter..artwork is now hanging in my kitchen. I loove it!!

I got to paint one as well!!